Herbal Heating Mitt Gloves For Hand Pain Relief, Arthritis, Stiff Joint & Trigger Finger

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Help to reduce pain from arthritis, finger trigger and joint problem. For arthritis, using these gloves in the morning can improve your range of motion. It can relieve some of the joint pain and the stiffness and prepare your body for exercise or to get up and get moving and out the door.

  • Relieve all pain, trigger, arthritis & stiffness problem: If you’re suffering from hand, finger, joint stiffness, cramp, tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic pain, you MUST try this product! It produces moist heat that penetrates deeper for better results.
  • Best remedies, Over 15+ Herbs works together synergistically : Remedies containing a mixture of herbs are the best option, because each herb works together synergistically. Each herb in our herbal pad blend has benefits on their own, but are much more powerful when combined together. It’s much more effective than rice filled pads or chemical filled pad.

  • Longer lifetime: These gloves can be heated more than 300 times. Bags filled with more herbs and produced with high quality material so it has longer lifetime when compared to other brand.
  • Conveniently Cordless: Get your heat therapy on as you cook in the kitchen, move around the house, or kick back in your favorite spot. There are absolutely no cords or cables to restrict you.
  • Super comfortable, Relieve pain by yourself at home: — and all without costly medication.

Herb Properties

  • Relieve pain and aches of muscles and joints.
  • Help to stretch the muscle, to relieve and to reduce muscle cramp, tendon, and joints
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relieve bruised, swelling, muscle inflammation, athlete strain and sprain
  • Relieve menstrual troubles and nausea
  • Reduce lock joint
  • Smell of herb can do wonders for relieving stress and help you unwind from your day

100% natural tropical herb. Formulated by physician.

Made in Thailand, under quality control of ADF, Thailand Ministry of Public Health